About Us

 EVAN ALEKSANDR  is a design project founded by Alexander Roskell to display the synthesis of various societal subcultures in relation to being identified by where they are placed in society's class system. 

This reflects its creative director Alexander Roskell's own personal experience being born biracial and raised by adoptive parents. immersed in athletics, hip-hop, film and other counter cultures from a young age. Taking inspiration from these various subcultures and not identifiying  with any standalone ''group'' he has complied the blueprint that architected the expression which became 'Evan Aleksandr'. 

Our values aim to disrupt by not being confined to a single space In order to be given existence. This amalgamation of subcultures creates new dialogue and defines a new expression of art, attitude and life. 

With Evan Aleksandr collection being produced in Italy, Vancouver and Los Angeles we aim to blend each location's unique fashion history and craftsmanship with the youthfulness and attitude, creating a juxtapositon in the space we serve. Never being sacrificed at the alter will be the quality of our garments to meet fashion calendar deadlines as we stand by putting out collections only when they are ready at thee highest level of quality possible. That is our promise.  




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